These Are Three Modern Tools That Can Keep Your Home Security Better

Currently, maintaining home security is an easy thing and you can do it at any time. Because of the many modern technologies that you can use to maintain the security of your home, then the problem of a lost or broken house key does not need to be experienced by you. However, if you are still using a key child and having a lost or broken house key problem, then the Locksmith service will be very much needed.

However, right now, there are many modern accessories that you can use to protect your home even better so you don’t need to worry when you have to travel for a long time and leave your house. Some sophisticated tools for maintaining home security that you can use are

1. A solid, smart key
Perhaps the most important thing in protecting homes from thieves is to use a solid key that places. Now there is a smart solid key that can protect the house, maybe the thieves will hate it.
For example, the smart key made by Schlage. This solid smart key thinks of features such as a built-in alarm that can drive away thieves. Besides this smart solid key can be used with Apple HomeKit, a powerful way to drive anyone who tries to break the door of our house.
This smart solid key can also be used using a Bluetooth connection, to open it using Siri or the Schlage Sense application. By using HomeKit we can also set the time for the place to lock automatically, so we can sleep peacefully without having to worry about the forgotten door being locked.

2. Smart Padlock Lock
This key will give you a notification if someone is trying to force it into your house. This will certainly make you more comfortable when you have to leave the house empty. To open it, it requires a Bluetooth device that has been authorized and within a certain range. This smart padlock is also designed to withstand various weather conditions and is very easy to use with a smartphone. Through the application, we can also add anyone who gets access to unlock the smart padlock.

3. Smart motion sensor
Using a camera is indeed the choice of many people in looking after their homes. However, not many people are comfortable in this way. So, smart motion sensors are one of the best ways to choose. We can also combine this tool with the lights at home, so if there is a movement caught by this smart motion sensor, it will automatically make the lights turn on. So, the thief will think there is someone in the house he came to.

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